Safeco's New Wildfire Response benefit for Homeowners

August 05, 2021

Safeco is still contracted with Wildfire Defense Systems, Inc. to provide wildfire response in 14 other states. The Chloeta contract is a pilot program currently being offered only in California.

How it works

Chloeta and local firefighting resources work together to determine which wildfire events should trigger a response, and which measures should be taken to protect homes. Chloeta may take any of the following actions at policyholder properties:

  • Removing flammable vegetation and combustible items from gutters and around the structure
  • Deploying a temporary sprinkler system
  • Applying fire gel or firefighting foam

Customer communications

Safeco has mailed letters and opt-out forms to all eligible customers, informing them of this benefit for services on or after July 26, 2021, and how to opt out if they wish to do so. Opting out will not have any impact on the claims process if there is property damage due to a wildfire.

When the wildfire response is triggered, customers will receive an automated phone call informing them that Chloeta is taking action to protect their property. During the event, Chloeta will keep policyholders updated on the status of their property and actions being taken to protect it.

After an event

As part of its service, Chloeta will return to the property any combustible items that had been moved, wash any fire gel or firefighting foam from the structure and escort customers back to their homes when it is safe to do so.