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At KOHR Investments, LLC, we are independent fiduciary investment advisors. What does that mean? Simply put, it means that we’re not tied to a specific provider whose products we’re encouraged to sell. We provide investment advice and make decisions based on our clients’ best interests, not based on commissions from partners and third-party service providers. Fiduciaries are required to act for our clients’ best interests at all times, and that’s exactly what we do.

Trusted, Tailored Financial Advice

Many advisors who are tied to third-party providers will recommend the same products to their clients—because those products offer the highest commissions. As independent fiduciaries, we provide more tailored, customized advice for your investment portfolios, because every decision is based on your unique needs, and nothing else. Our goal is to serve, not sell.

Your dedicated investment advisor gets to know you on a personal level and will only ever select an investment vehicle that will work for your selected financial strategy. Without the pressure to sell certain products, we can provide our clients with more options, better portfolio customization, and greater peace of mind.

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Risk Number® technology objectively calculates an investor's true risk tolerance, utilizing a scientific framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics. By taking a 5 minute quiz, we will be able to pinpoint and quantify your exact risk tolerance, which will then help you align your current portfolio with your true investment goals and expectations. This is easily the best technology we use in our practice and it gives our clients an edge in understanding risk.

Important Factors to Establishing Your Goals

Many factors go into establishing your goals, and all of these impact how we create your financial plan. Being able to clearly articulate your needs and expectations will help you (and us) make an informed decision about how we can help you. We want to understand your goals and your particular financial situation and make recommendations that are suitable for you. Some important factors to consider in defining your goals include:

  1. Investment goals – What are you working toward: A comfortable retirement? Leaving a legacy? Philanthropic goals?
  2. Risk tolerance – How much fluctuation in value can you tolerate in exchange for the opportunity to earn above-average returns?
  3. Time horizon – When will you need to withdraw money from your investments?
  4. Income needs – Do you need current income from your portfolio? How much?
  5. Tax situation – Does your tax bracket require a tax-sensitive strategy?
  6. Other holdings – Do you have significant wealth tied up in real estate or other illiquid assets?
  7. Other needs – Do you have complex planning needs related to wealth transfer, executive compensation, risk management, business succession planning, or philanthropic planning?

It’s a good idea to consider these factors before our first meeting so that we can get a comprehensive picture of your financial situation and establish a holistic plan that fits you. The details of our process are outlines more below.

Understanding How a Fiduciary Can Help You

Exactly how can an independent fiduciary help you with your wealth management and financial planning needs? We play many roles for our clients:

  • Money managers – We design investment portfolios, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other individual securities. We manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis, meaning that you authorize us to trade on your behalf without the need for advance approval from you.
  • Financial planners – We help you look to the future and do long-term financial planning in the areas of retirement, college funding, wealth transfer, tax planning, and insurance.
  • Wealth managers – We provide highly personalized, comprehensive financial planning as well as investment and portfolio management for high-net-worth clients. We can also coordinate with other professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, to serve more complex financial needs, which may include tax minimization, trust management, wealth transfers, real estate management, and portfolio performance analytics.

When determining exactly how we can help you in your unique financial situation, it’s important to consider what level of investment and advisory services you need. Here are some of the more specific areas in which we can help you:


Portfolio analysis

Portfolio design

Discretionary portfolio management

Ongoing investment advice

Cash Management


Retirement income



Education funding

Business succession

Charitable giving

Personal and business lending

Wealth transfers

Trusts and estate plans

Insurance review

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Transparency and Accountability in Investment Decisions

We believe that you should not only know what we’re doing with your money, but why we’re doing it. At KOHR Investments, we maintain total transparency in all of the investments we make for your portfolio, and if you’re ever uncertain about why a certain decision was made, we’ll help you to understand how that particular action benefits you.

We proactively discuss current events and openly share our forecast with you through your investment counselor, live events, quarterly reviews, regular publications like MarketMinder, and more. Whether you’re someone who wants to dig into the details of your portfolio or you want to be more hands-off, we provide a variety of resources to get you the information you need, when you need it—all to make sure you’re comfortable with our investing approach.

How Our Fees Work

We utilize a fee structure that is simple and easy to understand. We charge a fee that’s based on a percentage of the assets we manage for you. With this structure, successful growth of your assets means success for us as well, so we take greater accountability in growing your wealth. We may also charge hourly or flat fees in conjunction with a specific, one-time service, like developing a financial plan. If you ever have any questions regarding our fees and billing, we invite you to contact your dedicated financial advisor.