Join Our team of finance experts

KOHR Financial & Insurance Services is behind you. You’ll have everything you need for success in your career as one of our finance experts. Our representatives have access to technology, software, training and expert support to serve clients – while enjoying industry-leading compensation and benefits.

  1. Culture & Lifestyle
    Be an entrepreneur, with more control over your life. You can serve your clients and still be there for the important things in life.
    While many careers offer competitive pay, they too often provide little security or control over your life. When you take control of your career by becoming a KOHR Financial & Insurance representative, you’ll make your own decisions and set your own schedule, while benefiting from support, expertise, and resources. At KOHR Financial & Insurance Services, you will be an entrepreneur. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be going it alone. We’ll provide the training, tools, and mentoring you need to create a business to call your own.

  2. Rewards and Benefits
    Your earning potential is as unlimited as the impact you’ll have on people’s lives.
    Working with KOHR Financial & Insurance Services is an outstanding career opportunity and a chance to improve people’s lives. You’re likely to stay with us for a long time because of our unequaled combination of long-term financial rewards, and powerful benefits.

  3. Strong Support to Get You Going
    Build your business with confidence with income security while you learn. Your office space, equipment, marketing and sales supplies may be provided.

  4. A Comprehensive Benefits Package
    KOHR Financial Reps are eligible for a range of excellent benefits options:
    A. Retirement Plan, a retirement saving plan with pre-tax [401(k)] contribution alternatives that provides tax-deferred cash accumulations.
    B. Medical coverage available at a reasonable cost, deducted from your salary on a pre-tax basis, plus a 100% cost-sharing program of medical and C. dental benefits if you meet certain production levels.
    D. Dental benefits after you’re under contract for at least a year, at a reasonable cost and deducted from your salary on a pre-tax basis.
    E. Vision coverage for you and your family.

  5. Tools, Resources, and Support
    Independence doesn’t mean going it alone. With KOHR Financial & Insurance Services you’ll be supported by industry-leading resources. As you step into your new role as a KOHR Financial & Insurance Services Property and Casualty representative, you’ll get the support and guidance you need, when you need it. You can be confident that you’ll be fully trained and prepared to help people assess their risks and protection goals, and to lead them to meaningful, effective strategies.
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