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Providing for your loved ones extends beyond just accumulating wealth. The right insurance can provide security and peace of mind that money alone cannot provide. As an independent insurance agency, KOHR Financial & Insurance Services offers more options than other agencies. We represent several insurance companies, allowing us to compare coverage and prices and find the best possible value and insurance coverage for your unique situation.

We take a personal approach to get to know you better, helping you determine the types and amount of coverage you need. We examine your circumstances, individual requirements, and long-term goals to choose the best products that will benefit you by looking at the whole picture. From life and health insurance to commercial and business owners’ policies, we can assist you in finding a plan to protect what matters most.

At KOHR Financial and Insurance Services, we aim to address any gaps in your plan that asset accumulation alone cannot solve. We can guide you in obtaining the proper insurance coverage and purchasing the right amounts to safeguard you, your family, and your assets against life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Personal Insurance

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Commercial Insurance

Easily compare rates today for Business Owners Policy to Workers Comp with just a click. It's fast, easy, and convenient.

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