Mike  Hill

Mike entered the financial industry in 1993 for a simple reason: to help people better understand their finances, allowing them to live more and worry less. He’s been doing that for 28 years now, with most of that time spent here at KOHR Financial. Mike is a problem-solver at heart, and he loves that moment when a client recognizes a challenge, and they can work together to overcome that issue. He measures his own success by his clients’ success.

Raised in Northern California, Mike moved south to attend California State University Long Beach, where he graduated in 1990 with a BS in Finance. He continues to live in Orange County, where he enjoys golfing, boating, and sunny days at the beach. Mike also enjoys contributing to many local charities to improve the Southern California community he loves so much. He’s particularly passionate about supporting the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, a California-based non-profit that’s committed to eliminating childhood cancer. 

Mike is passionate about helping his clients navigate the complexities of their financial lives to find balance. He enjoys educating his clients in concepts that may seem daunting, while at the same time supporting them, so that they can feel more confident in their financial decisions.  

His two daughters, Natalie and Taylor, frequently join him in these activities, and are competitive golfers themselves. He also spends many hours working to improve his knowledge of the financial industry by analyzing products and strategies, and continuing to educate himself through his own study and research.